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Art Services
Basic Digital Art Services, Class Times and Special Effects

Basic Digital Art Services  Available in your studio or mine. Whether it be basic retouching or just for those projects that need a little extra help. Minimum 2 hours if in your studio. Call to schedule your appointment times.

Class Times  Available in your studio, mine or in a class setting at a local college with extra computers available.

  Basic Class  Covers - opening and resizing an image, cropping tool, history, navigator, adjusting color and levels, basic layers, basic cloning and the text tool.
  Restoration Class Covers - cropping and straightening an image, repairing by cloning, sharpening, dust and scratch filter, colorizing from brown tone to full color, more on layers, merging and linking.
  Advanced Class   Bring your project and questions.
Email me at


Glamour Retouching  

Go beyond your typical retouching to a flawless appearance with glamour retouching.  Includes: highlights on skin and hair, whitening of eyes, enhanced color of pupils, longer lashes, defined lips and more.

. The Painterly Look

For that old masters feel. Subtle brush strokes are used to give your print the look of an true oil painting.

The Pencil Look

Your seniors will love this! High key and eye catching especially with a hint of color.  


Dramatic Lights   

Adds the glamour along with some special lighting and highlights to draw out those special areas in your print.


Composites  Combine two or three of your favorite images into one dynamic print.