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Flint Institute of Arts

A place to learn, grow and explore. Be sure to stop by the sales gallery where my work can be found.




Digital Photographer

Fantastic place to check out some amazing photography from folks all over the world. I like how I can get some great feedback from other photographers. Give it a try.


Advanced Photoshop

Talk about having some creative fun with photoshop. Check it out.

Deming Art Studio At their studio nestled in the Northeastern Michigan farm country, artists Linda & David Deming bring to life unique original fine art creations. Among this husband & wife artistic team's creations are stained glass & metal sculptures, cement sculptures, cement furniture, garden art and paintings. As artists they are not defined by media or materials but rather ideas and creativity. Inspired by nature, as well as, man's industrialism, they strive to capture life's energy in each new creation. Linda states" Art is the continual expansion of the mind and soul to the highest reaches of creativity. Where artist and viewer become one with the energy of the artwork. Art is the expression of life".


Bob Ratcliff Photography

Specializing in sports and events.