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For those of you who thought you were seeing things...


Nature Spirits images from Ann's Second Glances book shows a wandering ghost out during the day, faces appearing in the sands, gremlins within the trees and playful water nixies winking back at you.

Let Ann show you how to see these amazing images. You'll never see things the same again.

Ordinary images of ordinary things that is...until you take that second glance.

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Second Glances Before and After Posters are also Available

These posters measure 11.25 x 17 and are just $9.98




Wave Spirits - Tawas City, Michigan 


Tree Gremlins - Rochester, Michigan


Water Spirits - Tawas City, Michigan


Fountain Lady - Longwood Gardens














Water Nixies - Thermopolis, Wyoming

Blue Water Spirits - Thermopolis, Wyoming 
Ghost Lady - Rochester, Michigan
 Tree Indian - Metamora, Michigan